Black and silver Flex atx computer case with hidden cdrom bay and flex atx power supply

Lot of 10 Zip ties

Product Number LOT10ZipTies


Key Features:

  1. 8 inches long
  2. Perfect adder for saving on shipping costs. (I.E. - Shipping only increases by $0.51 on an existing order.)
  3. Tie up loose wires inside your atx computer case.

Product Description:

On your next computer case project be sure to pick up a lot of 10 zip ties. There's no better way to make the inside of your atx case look nice. Tie up loose ends inside your computer case to give a neat appearance. These zip ties are great for moving wires out of the way of your atx case fans.

Technical Specs:

  • 8 inches long

Additional Components Included:

  • none

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