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PC II Saddlebag

400 denier double wall construction with light padding in between. There is a zippered main storage compartment 4" x 21" x 14" wide, a smaller outside pouch with a Velcro security flap that will hold tabloid size papers, a third smaller pouch for quick in and out storage, embroidered Logo, and adjustable shoulder strap with grip.

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Soft Computer Bag
[8010 SCOMP]

Designed to fit inside the larger PC II Porter Case II wheeled carryon, or it can be attached to the outside with the Hook/Accessory Strap. A padded shoulder strap is included. The Soft Computer Bag is the ideal solution for those times when you don't want to roll your Porter Case. Use the hard-side Porter Case to help transport and protect your soft case. Then, when you get to your destination it is ready to pull out of your Porter Case and slip over your shoulder. You arrive refreshed and ready for that important meeting.

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Elite Saddlebag
[Elite SDL]

400 denier double wall construction with light padding in between. There is a zippered main storage compartment 4" x 17" x 14" wide, and a smaller outside storage compartment with a Velcro'd security flap that will hold tabloid size papers, embroidered Logo, and adjustable shoulder strap with grip

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AV Kit - ring, divider, & foam
[AV Kit]

The same insert found in the PC II AVCS case. A generic interior that allows your case to adapt to a variety of equipment. It comes with a 1/2" sheet of HD foam for the bottom, a large outer cloth covered padded ring with Velcro on the outside to grab the case walls and 2 partial rows of Velcro inside that allow you to adjust the semi-rigid divider as needed, plus a sheet of convoluted foam for the lid

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Computer Sleeve A (small) [CS A]
Computer Sleeve B (medium) [CS B]
Computer Sleeve C (large) [CS C]

Porter Case Computer Sleeves are sewn with a black outer covering of 1400 denier nylon, a skin diver wet suit style neoprene protective interior, and a 2" webbed end security strap with a logo and adjustable Velcro. This light weight sleeve offers added protection insurance for those times when you need to throw your notebook into your brief case or suitcase. It comes in three sizes to fit a variety of equipment needs.

  • CS “A”: 12"w X 15"l
  • CS “B”: 14"w X 15"l
  • CS “C”: 14"w X 17"l

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Comupter Insert Kit - ring & foam
[COMP Kit]

The same style insert found in the Elite AV/Computer case or in the lower half of the PC II CMCS. A generic cloth covered padded ring that allows your case to adapt to your notebook or other equipment. The cloth covered padded ring has Velcro on the outside to grab the case plus several blocks of medium density gray foam to help give a snug fit to your equipment.

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Exterior Hook

Designed to snap onto a "D" ring and will allow you to attach another case (computer, briefcase, etc.) to the outside of your Porter Case when in the Tote position. Adjust it to allow your other case to touch the ground in the upright position. There is a bucket mechanism that will snap your other case with a secure grip to the Hook accessory strap

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Exterior Strap

Comes as standard equipment with all cases. But, sometimes gets lost and needs to be replaced. This 72" long black 1" wide webbing strap has a nickel plated snap shackle on one end and was designed as a tie down strap for luggage stacked on top of your Porter Case. Hook it to the nickel plated "D" ring on the end of the case, go over your load, slide it into the cam lock in the middle of the top sliding handle, pull tight, and tighten the cam lock

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Foam System Kit - 5 layers gray foam
[FM Kit]

This kit consists of four layers of gray foam 1.25" thick cut to fit the bottom of the case with a sheet of convoluted gray foam for the lid. A generic kit for most any application. Simply lay what you want to protect on the foam layers, use a marking pen for an outline, and then with an electric carving knife, craft knife or scissors, cut out the shapes. Just be sure to leave enough material in the remaining walls of the foam to be protective of all items as the bounce around.

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Gripmats (set of 3)

A set of three 12" X 12" sheets composed of a waffled rubberized non skid material, designed to lay on top of your Porter Case and in between the layers of other luggage when it is in the cart position. This material will help prevent hard sided cases stacked on top from sliding around.

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Pad or top handle

Designed for Porter Case's sold prior June 1998, this handle pad, if added, provides comfort.

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Soft Divider Insert Kit

The same insert as found in the Photocase. Convoluted gray foam for the lid, 1/2 inch high density foam sheet for the bottom. A cloth covered high density foam outer ring 4.5 inches tall with a Velcro strip on the outside to grab the case walls, one large divider, four medium dividers and ten small dividers. All of the above are with Velcro and are adjustable.

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Suitbag - a light weight tri-fold suitbag made of 200 denier material with embroidered Logo on the outside wall and breathable mesh material with zipper on the inside wall. There is a wire frame that helps you form the tri-fold shape needed to help it fit into the lid of the full side PC II Standard size case.

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Cases come with a three-year limited warranty against materials or labor defects. Should a problem occur, please call porter case's toll-free number 800-356-8348 and describe your problem. After they know your information/details like the model, serial number, your name, telephone number, and shipping address, they will give you an RA# that you need to put on the outside of your return box. This will tell them who you are and what the problem is when they receive the case.

They will evaluate your case, and if there are repair issue they will contact you at that time. Porter's policy is that they try to repair and return warranty cases within two working days of receipt. Naturally this warranty covers normal wear and not abuse or misuse. Should damage occur as the result of common carrier handling, you must make a claim with that carrier.

Porter asks that you box and ship your case to them. When necessary repairs are completed, they will return it UPS ground at our expense.

Label your Box:

3718 West Western Aven
South Bend, IN 46619

Warranty and Repair returns require an RA#. No exceptions.


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